Welcome to She Who Rose, a virtual sanctuary and homecoming destination for a woman's Feminine remembrance and restoration.

After some time teaching Female Empowerment “go get it” ideologies to women, Rose began to humbly realise that to truly serve women and the collective Feminine awakening she must also be willing to serve the collective restoration and re-unioning with our men and the Masculine. 

Women who are drawn to She Who Rose connect to a deeper knowing that resonates with an ancient calling of the Feminine heart, belly and womb.

A universal melody that sings a truth that calls us into remembrance of our wholeness with one another as man and woman.

That it is impossible to be truly empowered as women while simultaneously living from wounded perspectives of men.

We cannot experience the safety, love and liberation we so deeply yearn for while keeping our fists shut tight in division, blame and separateness.

Rose feels deeply inspired to support women how to understand, respect and reunion with men and the Masculine so that we may free ourselves from beliefs and ideas that keep us stuck in a perpetual state of “being right”. Not in denial of the shadow and harm that exist but because of it. Together we must create from what we want to see for our sons and future daughters.

Rose helps women shed what keeps women identified with their pain and blame stories so that they can create from what they truly desire instead.

She Who Rose is a place for women to discover the potent but highly re-organising possibilities founded within intentional co-created devotional unions with unapologetic conscious Masculine men. 

If the above resonates or activates your Feminine heart and you are interested in learning more please do get in touch to learn more about the different ways we can work together. 

Love Rose. 

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