Meet Rose Marie McGrath, the creator of She Who Rose.

Rose believes that every woman deserves the opportunity to explore the aspects of her nature that are essential to "becoming a woman". An opportunity that is often denied or expected to come easily while simultaneously keeping up with a world that drives us forward into producing a lifestyle that compromises our female health and well-being immensely.

Rose teaches from the lens that in our pursuit for success and the rightful recognition of our gifts, talents and contributions, many women have had to divorce themselves from such instincts and aspects of their womanhood to be taken seriously. We have had to over ride our female bodily needs, limits, "No" and signals in order to have a seat at the table. This has resulted in a collective homogenisation of the qualities that make us so lusciously unique, distinct and divinely vital! This lived reality for our physiology compounded over time has come with no small cost. Women are finding themselves in severe physical burn out and a host of female health issues, Feminine injury and dynamic issues within our intimate relationships.

After struggling for many years with:

🌹proving "I don't need a man",

🌹hustling "I can do it all, all on my own"

🌹burn out "my body is failing me"

🌹and cervical dysplasia "I'm broken..ok i need to stop, listen and make some changes"

Rose discovered that the areas she struggled with the most were vehicles to the very restoration and resurrection of her WOMAN she was do deeply yearning for.

Through a decade-long initiation process, Rose has explored various teachings, modalities, and trainings with some of the world's most influential and potent facilitators of such restoration.

Rose supports women in living a harmonious and bountiful life with their feminine nature being honoured, respected and celebrated for the sacred offerings in which they provide our world with.

She Who Rose teachings and sharings serve as a similar initiation for modern women who deeply desire to re-member with their womanhood serving as a collective revival of the "womanly spirit."